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 Super strange little bumps on the passion fruit.

Elastikos: Some strange little bumps have appeared on a couple of the passion fruit. I can’t seem to find anything via Google as to what they might be… I’m sure they’re fine on the inside. This will be the 3rd and last harvest of this particular passion fruit vine. The original wild cutting is starting to take over and the wood lattice (never ever buy again!) is falling to pieces, so that will need to be replaced. I’ll definitely plant a new vine in it’s place as the foliage stays green all year round and looks fantastic when up and running properly. Last years crop was all scooped out into ice-cube trays - always ready to go with either vanilla ice cream or yogurt. Will do the same again this year.
Date: 2013-01-22 23:50:00 GMT

Safepiercing: Q: My question was bit too long for the question was a bit too long for the question box, and I felt a picture was necessary for this. This picture is of my own cartilage piercing, done about two years ago (at piercing pergoda, had I known better I would NEVER have gone!) and it is currently stretched to an 8g. My question is: What is that gross bump around my the piercing hole?! And how do I get rid of it?! The reason why I’m not assuming they’re blow outs is because when I sized up from a 10 to an 8 my ears were fine and the process was painless, as it should be. I waited about two weeks or so and then put in 8g glass spirals, which was also painless. Where I’m thinking the problem occurred was when I was at a concert and one of my spirals fell out (I was really sweaty, eww) and I didn’t realise untill afew hours later. So, untill I could find my spare set of bars (what’s in my ear in the picture) I had to switch the one spiral back and forth, every half hour, between ears to keep the holes from closing up (I thought it would help). So was doing that a lot worse for my ears then I realised? I want my piercing to be healthy and I’m truly embarrassed by it:( help!! A: Bumps like that are sometimes hard to define. So rather than calling them blow outs or keloids or hypertrophic scarring we’ll just call them “bumps”. Bumps like that could be from a few different things. If stretching caused damage to the cartilage or soft tissue your body would build up scar tissue around the piercing to protect itself. If you stretch the piercing or insert the jewelry, particularly without lubricant, you start to almost push the fistula out of the piercing. That’s why you’ll almost always see those kinds of scars on the backs of piercings. You push the jewelry through over and over again and eventually that’s the direction the scar tissue will favor towards. If you want that bump to lessen I would suggest downsizing, and also wearing higher quality jewelry. In the absence of something like implant certified titanium or steel, good quality borosilicate or soda lime glass would be fine. I can’t really tell from the picture but if your jewelry is that color it’s most likely either plastic or stone. Plastic is generally very bad for piercings, and stone is not something you would want to wear in an irritated piercing.  Sea salt solution can help to ease stress on a piercing when used in conjunction with properly fitting high quality jewelry. Avoid any chemical remedies. I have heard people using anything from tea tree oil to crushed aspirin in an attempt to alleviate bumps but have seen very little evidence to suggest they do anything other than make the problem worse.  Ryan Ouellette, APP outreach
Date: 2013-01-13 19:24:19 GMT

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Safepiercing inbox trend: multiple piercings in one sitting:

We’ve been getting lots of messages lately that all boil down to “is it safe to get X piercing and Y piercing in the same sitting?”. Just figured I would type out a general response and save myself the 50 private replies and posts. 

A healthy human body has a fantastic immune system to heal wounds, it takes a lot more than a few piercings to stress it out. Think of people getting facelifts, breast augmentation, lipsuction, or giving birth! Now try to compare that to get getting a few piercings in one sitting, doesn’t seem like a big deal does it?

It is very common for clients to travel to get piercings or jewelry not available in their area, getting a few things in one trip is completely safe provided each individual piercing is performed well. One poorly done piercing can give you problems healing, so certainly a few bad ones can be tough to heal. An experienced piercer with a sound technique, high quality jewelry, and appropriate aftercare will mean that your piercing(s) will heal much easier for you. No matter how many piercings you want, do your research and find a skilled professional

So you can go ahead and get your VCH, nipples, nostril, and tragus pierced all in one day if you want. It might be a little uncomfortable sleeping that first night, but they’ll all heal well under the right conditions. 

Ryan Ouellette, APP outreach

Post on: 2014-05-09 19:16:48 GMT
Tags: multiple piercings in one sitting, multiple,

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