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2014/07/22 'no court order for police to get indira’s children'
The Syariah High Court did not issue any order to the police to retrieve the children of K Pathmanathan @ Mohd Ridhuan Abdullah, who is involved in a bitter child custody battle with his former wife M Indira Gandhi, the High Court in Ipoh heard. This was told to High Court judge Lee Swee Seng yesterday afternoon by Indira's lawyer M Kulasegaran ( left ), after senior federal counsel Shamsulbol ...
2014/07/23 Arrest linked to gun used after boston bombings
BOSTON (AP) ? It has been one of the lingering questions since the dramatic manhunt that gripped the Boston area in the days after the marathon bombings: Where did the suspects get the gun that authorities say they used to kill a university police officer?

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