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2014/04/22 What sacked football manager moyes has in common with council heads - the guardian

The Guardian

What sacked football manager Moyes has in common with council heads
The Guardian
It seems a fairly safe bet to suggest that the lifespan of a chief executive is even smaller today. The culture of football and local government are quite different. Rarely do you see people turn out in their thousands to cheer on their local council ...

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2014/04/10 Benfica vs az alkmaar live commentary - goal singapore

Benfica vs AZ Alkmaar LIVE Commentary
Goal Singapore
AZ seemed to have lost their way since the goal and look second best out there now. Their heads have dropped and aren't reacting fast enough to Benfica's quick passing moves. Advocaat needs to have words at half-time because his players are struggling ...

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1. I like to present to you an image I have simply named: 2. Cockfight (brescia, italy) 3. Dice 4. Racing (Published recently in two books) 5. Rural buses. 6. RSR 7. Im waitin 8. I flew over 20 hours from California to Singapore to see the world’s largest surfboard?!
I like to present to you an image I have simply named: "the trojan weed" (alternate title: the Detroit Dandelions): ? ? ?? ______? ?? . ?? . ???? ?|?e ??? c?????cles? That stupid ass dandelion is more crafty and more clever than most of the people you know. Yeah that?s right, a lousy ass stinkin? weed has outsmart both nature and current day westernized culture at the same time. I mean what is more genius than taking all of your seeds which reproduce your species and relying on simply the wind blowing on you to have more dandelion babies. That?s pretty handy! But this brilliant little sucker took it one step further. They tricked the most intelligent and dominating species on the planet into blowing on them manually, spreading even MORE dandelion babies into someone?s nice garden. Kind of seems like a Y2K version of the Trojan Horse if you ask me. I?ve been blowing on these stupid weeds my entire life. And even more than that, I?ve been making wishes every single time I lay my pimp breathe on one of those damn things. I mean look what a cute picture it can even make right here? But I can?t stop but find it entirely ironic that the only wish that is truly being granted here is not yours but the very plant you are blowing on. Don?t think for a minute that stupid lawn intruder is granting any wishes for you or your poor kid. You just got duped by an ugly worthless cunt ass weed! Okay so the weed got the best of you. No worries! pimp is here to help. I have developed a pimpactivity for you to do. This will allow you and your family to use your newfound dandelion knowledge for your own benefit. Find someone on your street that pissed you off. Like lets say the guy up the street fucked your wife or something. We?re going to get revenge in dandelion disguise. Go around and pick a bunch of sprouting dandelions as seen above. Hold off on blowing on them. Wish to yourself your chosen assholes lawn be filled with weeds. Follow this by standing in front of their property and blowing on all your weed seeds as seen. Repeat as needed If asked by law enforcement, just show the officer this picture and say it?s all in the name of art. Or just say, ?pimp told me to do it?. That might work too. Let me know how it goes. ??n??? ?? ?$
Rural buses.: Although decaying a little, this photo embodies all that I found fascinating in the independent bus scene of my youth. A chance encounter here with a couple of buses belonging to two operators based in the Somerset village of South Petherton, on the right Safeway, and on the left Hutchings & Cornelius. Both were 'medium weight' AEC Reliances with BET style bodies by Willowbrook (Duple Midland), though the H&C bus was a more unusual short example. WYD 306H carries a beautifully signwritten advert on it's luggage boot for the parent company Vincent's of Yeovil, a BL car dealership.

Photos comments:
Pimpdisclosure: some have asked what the fuck this shit means at the beginning of all my posts: ? ? ?? ______? ?? . ?? . ???? ?|?e ??? c?????cles? It's basically saying "part 29" on row 1, the date on row 2, and "the pimp chronicles" on row 3. The underline in the 2nd row above completes the letter "T" in the word word "the" in the 3rd row. I'm more clever than the fucking dandelion.. Basiljonez (moving on): smiles :) this is football you're talking about? I tried watching College football last night and just got really jealous every time there was a butt smack on field. and there aren't enough close up shots. I don't care about formations I wanna see the them close and personal!! idiot filmographers }:I.
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