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2014/08/10 Hard-rocking bands, fans come together for benefit - central kentucky news

Hard-rocking bands, fans come together for benefit
Central Kentucky News
?Metal music always has such a negative light on it, such a negative stereotype. And it's really not, if you know the people ? it's all really positive.? That's the sentiment of Eric Lyons, drummer for Creature of Exile, a Danville heavy metal band ...

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2014/08/14 In wake of xbox tomb raider news, sony says it doesn't need to buy exclusivity - gamespot


In Wake of Xbox Tomb Raider News, Sony Says It Doesn't Need to Buy Exclusivity
HOW?!?!?! By releasing your timed-exclusive game (which is a SEQUEL to a game released on 5 different platforms (4 consoles & the PC) on 1 console??? Jeez these studio heads have NO common sense. Microsoft must've paid them a good chunk for him ...

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