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2010/12/10 Integrity in our great commission message - modern ghana

Modern Ghana
Gbile Akanni ?? Living Seed Ministries, Nigeria, Most Rev. Dr. Aboagye Mensah ?? Former Presiding Bishop ... When Jesus was preparing to leave this earth and ascend to heaven, he left His disciples with a charge. He commanded them to 'Go into all ...

2013/05/06 How dare you programme men to sing hallelujah? -

How Dare You Programme Men to Sing Hallelujah?
By Bro Gbile Akanni. Men are programed and manipulated to shout "amen", "Hallelujahs", "Glory to God"...while in bitterness, in vengeance, in resentment, in anger, in adultery and every wantonness you can imagine in their private lives. These are ...

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