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2014/07/13 New immunotherapy procedure that kills cancer in dogs could help save human lives, too
Our pets are like family members, so when they get sick, we want to get them the best treatment possible. But when dogs and cats are diagnosed with cancer, about half of them have their lives shortened. Now there may be new hope for our animal companions, thanks to immunotherapy research common in humans that for the first time appears to kill cancer in dogs.
2014/07/14 3 credit card features you should avoid
There really are advantages and disadvantages when it comes to owning a credit card, but it all depends on how you actually use this financial tool. If you maximize its purpose and properly plan your spending, it will be beneficial and mostly advantageous to you. Otherwise, it will be nothing but a burden on your [?] The post 3 Credit Card Features You Should Avoid appeared first on ...

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