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Date: 2014-02-12 10:37:37 GMT

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14-02-14 Friday 2:47A.M.
Shivaz Anand, Kota

T’day was a day I would wish nevet haopened curtsy attitude and arrogance of abhishek + his wayward comments. How can you compare a Legend like Dravid to Chris gayle with saying latter one the better and saying It was mere luck when you are talking about those two innings of Gambhir which came in WorldCup finals with us being victorious?? Undermining a sportsmen dedication for his country is something I hate most. The fact that a person who himself knows much about the game is commenting on it makes me even more angry and frustrated for I can’t do anything to make him understand that.

In past 24 hours indeed abhi lost respect he owned by me and I do believe from now he doesn’t ows my time too. Pratty and him to had an argument t’day with me in between seeing neither of them keeping there arrogance aside and deducing a conclusion which atlast was to watch robocop(I liked the movie??was a good watch). Well if I learned a lesson t’dat then it was- Better watch a movie alone, if have companions??better let them know first what they should expect!!

I also got my IELTS date and venue. Although the date is exactly what I guessed but still, I am kind of scared. I have never visited a metropolitan alone and the very thought of being lost on it’s so-so very railway station makes me feel sick. But cheer up buddie??you are 18 now, act like a man!(that’s what u have been saying to inherit some positivity and??wipeoff some tension)

Anamika told me t’day was the day when 3 brave souls of India were hanged to death. People are bizy enjoying valentine??none of them even knowing that on this very day the nation lost bravest of it’s sons. Well that’s sort off inherited in oyr genes isn’t it?? We have a tendency to forget past and move on(and see who is saying all this?? Me, who watched a movie too)
Oopsie, Happy Valentineday(something I was dying to write since I came to know about demise of those 3 heroes)
I alsi learned a gread deal on intuitions and The art of deduction. Indeed it has my attention now I will surely read more about it.
Baah??now my eyes are ordering me to give them the desired rest.

P.S.- See you tomorrow!!

Post on: 2014-02-14 21:37:30 GMT

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