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Map Russia Verkhne-Ural'skiy

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The "Developer Console" of Google has been updated and looks nothing like in the this tutorial or TS-website-link. I've tried searching for info without any luck... Any suggestion to get the API-key? The process has been forced to 2.0-version, so switching to old-interface is not helping either...?, The more people who complain about the issues. The sooner we will get fixes. i posted about this stupidity on RSC FB and just got bloddy well ignored.?, for some reason when i put the lat and long in it does nothing?, Hey im a little annoyed that you included such a small bit of how to do it, How on earth do i find & activate & allow & and use the Google Api shit??, when i press CTRL G it is just grey with google maps thing not loading the map i did?, Hey thanks mate. Really well done. Simple and straight to the point. :)?, Hi there!! I don't know if someone else is facing the same issue, but after getting the map and start working on my landscape, if I move away to another place and then come back, is most probably that the google map for that particular block is not showing anymore. Even if I close the scenary or route editor, it won't work anymore. Any suggestion? Thanks in advance!!!?, Wheredo I get the api key to put it in the Google Map API key??, as i suspected all working now, fuss over nothing!?, i did this and my map is in the sky?, How does one use SRTM/DEM Data with the route editor??, I try to get the AI code , but after activating i won't get anew page. can open another one, but it seems i need to pay for the API code??, there must be some script to have the latest map photo show up ??, Any idea how to bring in the maps for TS 2012? I have 2014, but have too many crash problems with it, so I stick with 2012. Do you think bringing in the maps on 2014 could be done and then transfer them to 2012 folders somewhere??,

More about Map in Russia. Khanty-mansiyskiy-avtonomnyy-okrug's cities:
Verkhne-Ural'skiy | Verkhne-Vartovskoye | Verkhnekazymskiy | Verkhnemysovaya | Verkhnenil'Dina | Verkhniy Barak | Verkhniy Khurumpaul' | Verkhniye Narykary | Verkhniye Rezany | Verkhniye Tugiyany | Vershina | Vetlyakhovskiye | Vezhakorskiye | Vodozabor | Vologodskiy | Von"yegan | Vor"yapaul' | Vorpavla | Voryapaul' | Vostokina | Vostokina P. | Vostykhoy | Votman-Kurt | Voytekhovskiye | Vykatnoy | Vyngino | Vynginy | Vynt'Ya | Vyrgimskiye | Vyselok Ozero | Vyshpyrtomskiye | Vysokiy Mys | Yachinskaya | Yaganokurt | Yagla | Yagodnyy | Yagur'Yakh | Yakhvatskaya | Yakuttop | Yamki | Yamskoy | Yangulovskiye | Yanypaul' | Yarki | Yarsomovy | Yasunt | Yatriya | Yazovka | Yegyrsan | Yelizarovo | Yelushkina | Yelykovo | Yemankurt | Yendra | Yendyr' | Yeparkina | Yermakova | Yermakova A. | Yermakova I. | Yevra |

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Map in Verkhne-Vartovskoye Russia:

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