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Culture Russia Dukat

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dancing at 48 years! Amazing., she is dedicating her life for the audience... omg, the last piece by Mats Ek! and the last moment. when she is going to black and white from coloured, and picturelike, from motion. I think i understodd that... and the figures, the children walking past her... and when she said this piece was inspired by her... i think i got it now. i love Sylvie Guillem... You cannot not love her...?, We love you Sylvie. I'm so happy your dance is captured for us to see for the rest of our lives. ?, Thats sad at the end..., ...but super performed (*v*), Please Sylvie, train my daughter in Ballet. She has so much potential, but she needs a teacher like you. I know you dont like to teach, but you name the place (country) and I'll bring her to you. Even if for just a summer. InLight..........?, Amazing artist activist. Truly, a force of nature. Watch both parts 1 and 2., Well done Sylvie , we have to do something about it!!?, What a WOMAN!?, She is indeed incomparable. You also get a rare chance to see Sylvie on stage both in modern and classical repertory if you are in Athens around Christmas. She will be dancing "Sacred Monsters" (December 19th to December 23rd) and then "Marguerite et Armand" with Massimo Murru (December 25th to December 30th) at Megaron Mousikis in Athens (Athens Megaron Concert Hall).?, VIVA SYLVIE!!!! , she's not a dancer. She's a "mover". And she's the only one to be. Period.?, How fantastic that a ballerina an world known artist and celebrity, uses her consciousness to remind us all, dancers and all other people that there is more than fame and beauty!! If all of us would DO just something, in eating and shopping for instance to respect nature and environment all lot of problems would be resolved! Thank you Sylvie for being so inspiring!!!!, I love you Sylvie?,

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Culture in Dukcha Russia:

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