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Culture Russia Dukat

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3:42 ???? Song name ?? pleas <3 ?, Wow?, this is the god ukf?, THIS IS THE BEST UKF MIXES?, HE// YEAH START OFF WITH NERO?, What's the first song?.. And that's definitely not sandstorm by darude?, 1:47 Song name?? pls!! D: ?, i love this song :3?, the fucking best dubstep?, My favourite mix?, Miss this UKF?, The music of 3.42 min is centepied of knife party?, Cut away dubstep and electro house and change it with brostep and complextro this sounds more right to me B) if you wanna know what the song names are, you can see the name/song in the video B) or under "Physical Albums" but there, they are not in right order ;)?, wOw! love it!?,

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Culture in Dukcha Russia:

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New message and discussion in Dukat state:
  • [ds9 moments] s3e7: an old security program is triggered, gul dukat taunts the crew with an offer of helping, and then gets his access codes blocked when he tries to leave. his expression is the best thing.
  • [ds9] holy crap dukat went over the deep end. god i love him.
  • [star trek] i appreciate gul dukat more this time through
  • so, my cats are running around playfighting as usual, and when i sit up to watch, they both freeze: dukat on his back about to kick, garak standing over him about to swat.
  • [gul dukat] he's a complicated maaan and no one understands him but his tailor~!
  • ds9 s2e05
  • ds9 is really just the story of sisko and dukat looking for home depot
  • {ds9-s3e07}
  • dukat
  • [star trek] ... that episode where sisko and dukat are stranded on that one planet never ceases to leave me shaken

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