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Tinyblueorange: Watching this desk move is almost hypnotic. I’m a sucker for storage, and clever storage is even better. *Stop by blog.tinyblueorange.com every Tuesday to check out my latest Vidspiration. You know, video inspiration, duh. Learning to create great videos is high on my to do list, and watching other successes will help that, so join me.
Date: 2012-07-17 19:18:30 GMT

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Diary of a Freelancer - 012:

Taking time off is great, until you sit back down at your desk and open your inbox for the first time in multiple days. While I only took off 2 week days, I kept myself away from my emails for just over 4 days, and got a tiny bit stressed out when I logged in. 

But then I remembered something pretty important, I can be an email ninja when I want to be. Instead of freaking out completely, and feeling overwhelmed, I got to work. I started by archiving any emails that I could quickly remove from my inbox - random “thank you” emails, receipts and meeting confirmations that were already on my calendar. 

The next step was to go through emails that required a response and/or work. Using shortcuts, I worked my way through my inbox responding when needed and adding the requested work to my project management system. My first job outside of college got me into the nasty habit of thinking that tasks had to be done as soon as they were brought up, and that is simply not true. Sure there are urgent tasks, but not everything is worthy of being called urgent. 

Once that was done, the last few emails were the newsletters I have sent to my inbox because they are super useful to me. I rewarded myself for cleaning out a full inbox in less than 30 minutes by reading the 3 remaining emails. 

After archiving those, I got to work on my to do list, and it was as if I hadn’t taken time away at all. That felt pretty damn good, I’m not going to lie. 

Post on: 2013-02-13 18:20:35 GMT
Tags: diary of a freelancer, diary, email ninja, email, productivity, time off, vacation,

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